Public Participation Plan

The purpose of the Public Participation Plan is to involve and capture all members of the community in order to enable continuous and constructive communication with the Comprehensive Plan Committee, Town staff, and the Comprehensive Plan consultant, with various interested parties throughout the planning process. The plan provides details on how to engage La Junta residents throughout the plan process.

Key components of the Public Participation Plan include:

  • Community meetings and workshops held at critical points in the process, when the consultants will present information and receive additional public input and guidance.
  • Media outreach efforts, intended to educate and inform the community about the project and participation opportunities.
  • Project Website, where information regarding the plan process can be found. This website will serve as the hub for all things related to the new La Junta Comprehensive Plan.
  • E-updates sent to everyone who has signed up for the e-mail list, either through the project website or at a public workshop.
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