Comprehensive Plan Overview

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Colorado state law requires that each municipality that has a population of 2,000 or more must prepare a planning document called a Master, or Comprehensive, Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is designed to serve as the city’s “blueprint” for future decisions concerning land use and resource conservation. State law dictates that there is only one required element, or topic, that must be covered in a Comprehensive Plan, which is recreational and tourism uses. While there is only one required topic for a Comprehensive Plan, a Comprehensive Plan typically discusses such topics as land use, transportation, economic development, public facilities, parks and outdoor recreation, etc.

For the purposes of the La Junta Comprehensive Plan the following elements will be included:

Introduction and Background. The Introduction and Background element will provide a historical background of the city of La Junta, describing the various factors which influenced the City’s growth and development. Also included in this element will be a demographic analysis.

Economic Development. The Economic Development element will provide policies and strategies aimed at promoting economic growth. The City’s assets will be highlighted for the attraction of new commercial and industrial uses and the retention of already existing businesses. Future economic challenges and opportunities La Junta are likely to face will be identified and discussed.

Land Use. The Land Use element will discuss and address issues of land use types, distribution, and intensity; population and building density; and existing specific plans. Key parts of the City like the Downtown Business District and the Airport Industrial Park will be discussed. Alternative land use scenarios will be developed and discussed with the public to identify a preferred concept.

Circulation and Transportation. The Circulation and Mobility element will provide guidance on the movement of both people and goods throughout the City of La Junta. This element will include planning for future street connections, other alternative modes of transportation. Problem interchanges within the city, like 3rd Street and Adams Avenue east of the Downtown Business District, will be examined.

Community Facilities. The Community Facilities element will provide an overview of the existing facilities, their conditions, suitability, and sufficiency. From this overview, future improvements and recommendations will be developed to ensure the residents of La Junta are well taken care of.

Natural Resources, Recreation, and Tourism. The Natural Resources, Recreation, and Tourism element will identify key natural and recreational resources (like the well-loved City Park), and discuss how heritage tourism can become an important part of the La Junta culture and economy. This element will fulfill the state requirement to include recreation and tourism uses in a Comprehensive Plan.


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